Dacia Brand Event

More than 750 of Dacia's UK sales team were inspired about the Dacia brand at an immersive and exciting event over five live days.

An empty 30,000 sq ft aircraft hangar was completely transformed into an awe-inspiring venue. The theme, 'Think, Love, Be Dacia', was created to encourage the audience to think differently about the brand. This came to life through a series of bespoke graphics, branding and AV.

The client brief asked for 'fun' - which soon became a core component of the event. To meet this, a range of gamified sessions were blended with experiential driving activities, bringing the audience closer to the brand than ever before. To add a touch of Hollywood, the event voiceover was recorded by Ralph Ineson, the unmistakeable voice of Dacia's UK advertising campaign.

An undeniable success, the audience scored the event at 93% satisfaction in post-event feedback, and sales in the 30 days following the event were up an incredible 193%.

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