Danwood CRM Digital Guide

A digital user guide for the entire Danwood UK team to quickly and remotely access key information on their brand new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Danwood's brief required a digital learning tool to inform remote workers, and help to manage the number of system-related enquiries into the IT department. In response, Ignition developed an online user guide that did exactly that.

The biggest challenge was how to break down such a huge amount of data into something usable to each individual team member. To meet this need, Ignition segmented the data by job role and task. This meant each learner could filter the content accordingly, and therefore quickly navigate to the task or requirement in question.

A dedicated module was created to help new starters understand the role of CRM within Danwood, while an interactive Glossary made it easy for them to familiarise themselves with key brand and industry terminology. A digital feedback form meant users could request any new features as their understanding of the CRM evolved.

The guide quickly met its aim of reducing the number of support enquiries and tickets to IT - achieving a reduction of over 50% from previous rollouts, while also helping to establish a smooth transition by the national team to the new CRM.

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