Hyundai NGi30 Webinar

Launching the New Generation i30 (NGi30) to Hyundai's UK dealer network... completely online.

To really inspire the audience we needed to turn the traditional PowerPoint-based webinar on its head, and instead, created a live television show.

The broadcast was storyboarded, designed, produced and delivered just like live television. This needed a studio complete with presenters, NGi30, and special guests - which included Hyundai Motor UK Directors and stakeholders. Once the product story was established, Ignition created content that provided the foundation for in-studio discussion and live audience interaction. To support this number of pre-VTs were recorded, including a unique in-dealer reveal of NGi30.

This was a completely new way for Hyundai to engage their audience, and fitted in perfectly with the wider learning journey being developed by their Academy. The webinar ran twice in one day, with more than 250 unique devices logged on, with estimates of more than 650 individual learners participating.

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