L'Oréal Ethics e-learning

Creating a bespoke e-learning module that would engage every employee across L'Oréal's global network.

The brief was to help the L'Oréal network recognise how compliance legislation could affect their day-to-day roles. In response, Ignition created an e-learning module that included a wide range of work place scenarios where L'Oréal wanted to encourage positive brand behaviours.

Not only did the module deliver engaging and challenging content, it also required a design that was sensitive to different global markets, so completely disconnected from specific demographics such as gender or race. Design needed to be sympathetic to the module being localised into more than 25 global languages, including many with non-Latin character sets.

To help market the video internally Ignition created an animated video, featuring the same characters from the module walking the corridors of the L'Oréal's offices, discussing the benefits of participation.

The module has been a huge success, helping to both inform global teams and showcase the brand's outlook of a number of challenging issues. Global participation levels have been unprecedented, with follow-up versions of the course being commissioned.

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